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Its VEGAS-Baby

Photo Feb 27, 10 28 18 PMLas Vegas, NV (Feburary 28th, 2013)  –  Winter in the Northeast was brutal this year.  All of us stick of wearing sweater, sweatshirts, jackets, gloves, boots and living by the therostat need to get away to a warmer climate.   After searching high and low for deals of flights or possible a long road trip in the car, stumbled across an Expedia deal we just couldn’t pass up from the wallets point of view.

The deal was to Las Vegas for 6-nights from Boston.  We extended it a bit and stayed in S. Boston the night before the flight to make it easier catching the flight the following morning and a great place to park the car for the trip for free.

The flight was eventless with spectatular views of the Grand Canynon and the Rockies…..

 7    photo    8

There was so much to see that I thought I’d put a list together to make it easeier and quicker for you to read.

  • Went to Pawn Shop that’s on TV (History Channel)
  • Rode multiple roller coasters.  Circus, Circus – New York New York –
  • Tami and Lexi pulled their first slot machine.
  • Tami, Alexis and Marcus’s 1st time in Vegas
  • Ate at Dick’s Last Resort and the kids wore funny paper hats.
  • Everyone zip lined down Tremont Street
  • Had lunch at Margariteville
  • Ate at a Vegas Dinner Buffet at the Golden Nugget.
  • Swam in the glass-side and bottom pool.
  • Drank many Yards of Slushy drinks. haha
  • Lexi and Tami holding the statue’s rock-hard “package”, while Marcus and Jim take a right hook for a boxing statue.
  • Saw the Mirage “Fire” show and “The Pirate” play in front of Treasure Island
  • Finally, the boardwalk favorite of the jumping water show sync’d to music in front of the Venetian was great too.

I may have missed a few things that was fun of memorial, but I’ll spare you the time. Hey, take a look at these pics, there’s some funny ones!

021 - Copy 013 - Copy photo 1IMG_1599 012 - Copy photo 3   038027 IMG_0121 - Copy 023 photo 1

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