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Good To Be The “King”


Fun photos of us bring goofy at the faire.

Carver, MA (October 20th, 2013) – What a cool place for a Sunday afternoon or any afternoon that its open.

I’ve heard about this show for years and years, but never got to it.  It was really Tami’s idea to go to this with a friend, so when she mentioned it, I was all over it.  Well, the friend didn’t end up make it based on her schedule and ours.

We witnessed live jousting knights and many side shows that were magical and cool to be at. Its just so different then the typical New England Fair this time of year.

Marcus and Tami in front of the Mayflower in Plymouth, MA

Marcus and Tami in front of the Mayflower in Plymouth, MA

So many people were dressed in medieval garp that we felt out of place not being suited up. Half of the fun in attending is to be dressed up next to Kings, Jesters, Oaf or Wenches. Everything being sold was like stepping back in time.  They sold all sorts of outfits or accessories for any type of costume you support.  Hey, you can even rent one there!  Bring your wallet full of cash tho, things aren’t cheap here.

Tami, had a great idea on my costume next year….   Yes, I will be supporting that Scottish kilt… .   I wonder what she’s wearing next year?  Any suggestions?  LMAO   🙂

P.s. We even got to see the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock!

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One Dirty Couple Gets It Done

As you can see, we're celebrating and having fun together coming and going

As you can see, we’re celebrating and having fun together coming and going

Loudon, NH  (Oct 12, 2012)

Now that I have your attention….  haha.. sorry

Tami and Jim completed their first 5k obstacle course today, called Renegade Campground.  We ran this to see what an obstacle course run would be like.  Neither one of us has ever done one before. We need some experience before the 12.1 mile course coming up next spring in VT.  Today’s goal was NOT about the stop watch but finishing with a smile was.

Tami showing you all the donated sneakers left behind.  We as well donated our sneakers too.

Tami showing you all the donated sneakers left behind. We as well donated our sneakers too.

We ran, jumped over wood/concrete barriers, crawled through mud, navigated  multiple swamps with warning of snakes and leaches,  and walked.  Yep, we walked (through the woods), Jim has broken ankles in the woods before, so he knows better then to run through the woods also in slippery conditions.  As I mentioned before, it wasn’t about time, it was about finishing… and finishing without injury would only be a bonus! We did the ambulance head towards the woods before we started the race.  We also saw a guy in the back of the STAFF pickup that quit early.  We found out at the start of the race that the guy lost his sneaker in the waste-high water.

As you can see we made it to the finish line in under an hour.  It bad for obstacle rookies.  🙂

50 Shades of Gray; Robert Gray that is….

Shasta Logo

History of the Company:

The Shasta Trailer Company started out in 1941 by building mobile home trailers for the US Armed Forces in a Los Angeles, California plant. After WWII, they sold mobile homes under the Cozy Cruiser brand. 1952 was the first year for the Shasta brand to roll off the assembly line in Van Nuys. Models from 14′ to 35′ were offered. The boom in mobile homes and travel trailers was in full swing and the public couldn’t get enough of the Shasta brand. In April of 1958, Shasta opened the Goshen, Indiana plant to keep up with demand.

The distinctive wings were added to the Shasta line in the late 50’s and continued on the trailers and even some motorhomes until the early 80’s. During this time, the Shasta brand was the best selling trailer brand in the US. That is why, after all this time, “Vintage” Shastas are still so popular and available everywhere.

By early 1963, Shasta had added another production plant in Leola, Pennsylvania and was up to 5 different models of trailer. Later in that same year, the all-new model 1500 was offered to 5-star reviews. Again proving to the public, that the value that was built into the Shasta brand was well worth the low price!

In 1964 came the first of the “square-ish” Shastas with the introduction of the redesigned Compat model. It’s leaner, cleaner lines were a sign of things to come and was very well received by the general public. By late 1966, all of the Shasta trailers would be designed with the more modern look. Production plants were also added in Grapevine, Texas and Battle Ground, Washington.

During 1969, the brand new Loflyte was being offered and was a big hit with the RVing public. A sixth plant was added in Columbia, South Carolina as the Shastas were in great demand. And by 1973 there were nearly 500 Shasta dealers throughout the U.S. offering all new models with stylish interiors and all-new exterior styling with bold striping along the sides. The wings were smaller than before, but they were still there!

At some point in time, Shasta trailers were produced by Shasta Industries, a division of the W.R. Grace Company (this information obtained from a 1975 model year owners manual).

Coachman Industries bought the Shasta brand in 1976. They continued making Shasta trailers and motorhomes until as recently as 2004. At one time during the early 1980’s, the Shasta name was on nearly every conceivable type of RV…Motorhomes, 5th-wheels, travel trailers, and even some pop-up campers.

The Shasta brand seems to have disappeared with no goodbye and no fanfare. Not really a fitting end to such an amazing part of American history. Until it’s disappearance, Shasta had been the longest continuous producer of trailers in the United States.

In the summer of 2000, Shasta cut their model lines down significantly. When I asked why, the staff at the plant in Middlebury, IN said Coachman was looking to reduce the number of models/lines offered. Coachman was bought out by River Forest. In 2009 Forest River made the Shasta Airflyte 12′ with a great retro look for one year but discontnued it because it would compete with their small lightweight trailer called the R Pod.

Click here for the Shasta Story

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Maine’s Amazing OOB’s

2013 Summer Vacation ColiageOld Orchard Beach, ME (July 8th – 14th ) – Hours of planning for a week of vacation. The hours were mostly spent getting the RV ready for another 2-hour road journey to Maine.
Although this ride was going to be a bit more comforting… why, you ask? Because I had all new Bilstein shocks installed on the rig. Making the ride, turns and swaying much more tolerable.
Since Tami and I got away last weekend at Gunstock Mountain Campground in Gilford, NH a month prior, we found out that our hot water tank was shot too. Water just leaked out the back of the RV like the American-side of Niagara Falls. gushing big time…
Fast-forward, I ordered a new tank online and installed it with my Dad a few days before vacation (end of June). We connected the water line to shoreline water and bingo, I hear the tank filling (good sound) and I don’t see water dripping out the back…but,  I see water pouring out mid-ship. When I do an inspection of the bedroom, I find that the shower pipes have cracked spilling water all over the carpet.  Looks like this project will have to wait till after vacation.
During vacation, the weather on either side of the weekdays was sunny nice and warm. The weekday was cloudy and rainy almost every day. This created a challenge in keeping the boys tent dry and tended to be a bit chilly at night. You know that feeling of cold and wet. It’s not fun for anyone.

Tami’s Dad ended up in the hospital, so she went back home to attend to him for a couple of days. The boys and I caught the trolley that dropped us off downtown. We did some window shopping, ate some fried dough, walked on the pier, they went on the carnival rides, plus learned and briefly played a French Canadian game called Pétanque, also played mini golf, and ate some pizza.

All us boys had to use this in our shorts based on our bathing suits kept rubbing on our crouch

All us boys had to use this in our shorts based on our bathing suits kept rubbing on our crouch

We all had a day at Funtown / Splashtown in Saco on Thursday. The day started cloudy and it did rain for a bit but then the sun broke through and it was hot and humid for most of the day.

Jim took down 4 lobsters and a bowl of steamers during the week. Meanwhile, we cooked on the open fire a few nights with chicken that we had marinating for days. Have to say, there’s nothing like grilling on an open fire.

Marcus skinned his elbow from falling off his scooter barreling  down a steep hill at the campground with his buddy, Adrian.

When Marcus was at his Dad’s, Tami and I went out to “The Pier” for some nightlife and you can see Tami taking a injected shot from the Shot Girl.

In closing, we has a fun time together and look forward to the next camping adventure.  🙂

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