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New York City and a Gamble

New York, NY (December 2013) – Travelling to New York City was a last-minute decision for us.  During the holidays its always great to get to the city and see all the stores decorated and the lights at night.  The city offers all types of people going in all different directions to get where they’re going. This entails, walking, biking, running, taxi, or petal buggies.

This trip was first on a few items on the bucket list:

  1. Tami as never been to the city (NYC)
  2. Both never have been up the Empire State Building
  3. 1st time taking a trip in the van
  4. …and lastly we’ve never slept overnight in it.

We started at the Empire State Building because we parallel parked 2 blocks away.  Boy, did we get lucky on the parking….  I knew that most parking garages wouldn’t take the high-roof conversion van, so I had to find a outside parking (almost impossible in

Clockwise: Tami and the naked chief, Radio City at night, Mr. "I Need Money for Weed", and Tami and I on top of the Empire State Building.

Clockwise: Tami and the naked chief, Radio City at night, Mr. “I Need Money for Weed”, and Tami and I on top of the Empire State Building.

NYC) or a city street space. After fighting traffic around the ESB and seeing the “NO VAN” parking at 2 public parking garages, I turned up a street and BINGO, I found a metered space.

Now the funny part, we saw the waiting line for the Observation Deck that wrapped around the ESB. It reminded me of a long caterpillar of people on Black Friday at Walmart.  It was crazy!  We went to get a parking ticket from the sidewalk kiosk and the credit card reader wasn’t working, so we looked for as many quarters we could.  The meter read, $15 dollars for  hours.   WTF, we didn’t have anywhere close to $15 dollars in quarter.  We only had $5 dollars worth for 1 hour.   We decided to role the dice and see if we’d get a ticket.  We planned on paying at least $45 to park the van in the city anyways. Our gamble paid off, we didn’t get a ticket at all and we only paid for an hour. Feeling lucky!

Unknown to me how busy the ESB is around the holiday and New Years, I pre-purchased Express Passes for us to get to the front of the line.  It cost a few bucks more, but I assure you, its well worth the money.   We never experienced any of the long lines. Matter of fact, you’re treated special from the staff having this pass.  We got to the front of lines whether going up or coming down.  It saved hours of waiting around in lines and made the experience that much better.

We grabbed a taxi to Rockefeller Center and Time Square to see all the Vegas-type lights and the huge crowds roaming the streets.

We then jumped in the van and headed back north a few hours Foxwood Casino.  We read online that they’d allow us to stay overnight in the van in the RV parking area.  This was good place to hangup the keys, so we could have a drink together and no one had to drive.  We played some machines and had some beers while listening to a band.

It was a mild temperature day in NY at 50 degrees and the night temp was around 35 here.   We had a portable inside propane heater that needed more fresh air than we wanted to give it, so we layered on the blankets till the morning and started the van to pump some heat into it.

All in all, it was a great trip and we look forward to many more adventures in the van together!  🙂

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