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Drumming Saved My Life

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The title to this post may sound stupid or down-right silly to some, but I’m living proof its true.

They say “you never know the person you married, till you aren’t anymore”.  Boy, someone called that one!  It started about 5-years ago when I was going through a nasty separation/divorce.  I was married for over 20+ years.

As an understatement, I was very frustrated with the court system, mounting attorneys fees (that was an expensive waste of time) and the personal attack of lies that my EX was generating to other adults, but more importantly, our teenage girls.  This craziness went on for 2-years.  My metal state of mind worn on me, so I came to grip with myself and said, “Self”, you need to seek a professional.  You need someone to talk / walk you through what’s happening or has happened. So that’s exactly what I did. I opened my benefits package and called the Employee Assistance Program.

I’ll tell you this,  it’s the best thing that could’ve happened to me.  About the same time as my appointment to talk it through, I took up an interest in drumming.  Not knowing a thing about drums, I went full-bore and bought a complete rock drum set with all the cool cymbals, stands, and sticks.  That same week, I signed up for local lessons from a drum professional.  If I’m going to learn this new skill and have people listen, than I want to be good at it.

This combination of lessons and drumming was completely supported by the professional therapist.  Matter-of-fact, she was so supportive that she told me that I couldn’t have pick a better instrument to learn based on the frustration you feel.  She back that statement up with, some men need to get their anger or aggression out and drumming is the perfect instrument to do just that.  I think she called it art therapy.  Doing some research looks like Los Angeles uses drum therapy on inmates to reduce aggression.  Ugh, who knew?

Moving the clock forward, drumming has been a saint for me.  With every weeks practice of getting slightly better; someday to play in a band for fun, is most calming thought ever.

Thank you Pearl, DW,  DP,  Tama, and Ludwig or whatever brand for saving my life!!  Without you, I’d still be banging my head instead of yours.  Rock On!  🙂

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February Beach

Today was a day to take the conversion van out of storage.  To do this, it needed to be snow shoveled out of the over-sized storage facility and started to get the engine warmed up and the fluids circulating.  Since the beach is an hour away, we decided to head to the shoreline.  Okay, so I decided (haha).  This would accomplish a few goals I want today.  First, give the van a good drive and make sure all the systems are still good from sitting in winter storage for a few months.  Second, enjoy a walk on the beach ( temp was 48 degrees) together. And lastly, get some relaxing time in the van with a great view.

The picture above is the view from the vans full-sized bed looking out of the passengers side rear window at the NH shoreline.  It was nice and relaxing as the music played in the background, inside was warm, and I caught a needed Sunday afternoon nap.

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