Aren’t Fridays Supposed to Be Happy?

Oct 3rd, 2014 –  Well this past Friday was a sad/happy day for us.   Yep, we sold our Shasta 27ft “Class C” to a young family in that lives in New York.  It was a tough decision but we just didn’t use it this year. It did need to have a slight oil leak fixed, which I think was replacing the head gaskets.  The tires where on the border of 7 years old; which is a huge debate on the Internet, haha. And we kept paying to have it parked in storage.  Other than that, it was very solid motorhome for a 1987 with only 47k miles on it. SOLDJim put so much work into the interior of the cab.  When the couple and their kids came and got it last Friday, they couldn’t believe the work done to it or how the colors all match throughout the rig.  THEY LOVED IT!

Looking forward, we’ll be saving our money for another one.   I think we want to get a “Class A” bus this time.  Not sure if we want gas or diesel power plant, but something that can tow a car or our motorcycles.  Till then, we’ll just keep hunting for the right rig!  🙂  We’ll MISS you Mr. SHASTA!!!

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