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The Corvette Life

WOW!!! Its been a life-long dream to own a Corvette and the day has finally come.

I always wanted to drive one of these American Sports Cars since I was a teenager.  My neighbor, as a kid down the street had a gorgeous yellow one with side pipes.  Man you could hear that car coming houses away.   Anyways,  before this urge to drive, I used to build plastic models, you know, the ones that are made by Monogram,  the ones that are 1:24th or 25th the real size?  Well a few of these models where Corvettes.    I recall vivdidly a two-tone silver Indy C3 Pace Car of the late 70’s.   Boy, I loved building that car and I took great pride making it look as perfect as the picture on the box.  (if you built models, you know that’s not an easy).   To me, the C3’s had that “coke bottle” body style that looked like the curves of your girlfriend.  Just yummy!

Well I grew out of making plastic models and substituted them for real models.   Should have stuck to the plastic ones.  I would have had one 25-years ago.  haha

Today, I have 1995 C4 Corvette Sport Coupe in 80’s Polo Green Metallic (45).   Just under 4,000 green vettes made this year and is the 4th popular color of corvettes ordered.  My car has a 300hp Chevy LT1 motor that I’m keeping stock.  I just may keep everything stock beside the exhaust.   I think the car sounds better without mufflers, just saying.  This car has an automatic tranny with the interior being a blend of Black and Tan.   Ok, now I’m thirsty.   Finally, 1995 was the second-to-the-last year of the C4 F-body series of cars.

This summer, Jim looks forward to driving with the targa top off, meeting new people, and making new friends in our Corvette.   WOW!!!   Always noticed vettes on the road…. let me go take a peak at mine again and make sure this truly isn’t a dream.

IMG_1719       IMG_1720IMG_1722

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