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The Corvette Life

WOW!!! Its been a life-long dream to own a Corvette and the day has finally come.

I always wanted to drive one of these American Sports Cars since I was a teenager.  My neighbor, as a kid down the street had a gorgeous yellow one with side pipes.  Man you could hear that car coming houses away.   Anyways,  before this urge to drive, I used to build plastic models, you know, the ones that are made by Monogram,  the ones that are 1:24th or 25th the real size?  Well a few of these models where Corvettes.    I recall vivdidly a two-tone silver Indy C3 Pace Car of the late 70’s.   Boy, I loved building that car and I took great pride making it look as perfect as the picture on the box.  (if you built models, you know that’s not an easy).   To me, the C3’s had that “coke bottle” body style that looked like the curves of your girlfriend.  Just yummy!

Well I grew out of making plastic models and substituted them for real models.   Should have stuck to the plastic ones.  I would have had one 25-years ago.  haha

Today, I have 1995 C4 Corvette Sport Coupe in 80’s Polo Green Metallic (45).   Just under 4,000 green vettes made this year and is the 4th popular color of corvettes ordered.  My car has a 300hp Chevy LT1 motor that I’m keeping stock.  I just may keep everything stock beside the exhaust.   I think the car sounds better without mufflers, just saying.  This car has an automatic tranny with the interior being a blend of Black and Tan.   Ok, now I’m thirsty.   Finally, 1995 was the second-to-the-last year of the C4 F-body series of cars.

This summer, Jim looks forward to driving with the targa top off, meeting new people, and making new friends in our Corvette.   WOW!!!   Always noticed vettes on the road…. let me go take a peak at mine again and make sure this truly isn’t a dream.

IMG_1719       IMG_1720IMG_1722

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Flume Fun

Franconia Notch, NH (October 2015) – 

Fall in NH is just beautiful to see.   This week marked the long weekend that my brother and his wife from California came to visit us.    One of top things he wanted to do was to visit “The Flume” in Franconia Notch State Park.   So my parents and I headed up in the car with them.

Our first stop was Clark Trading Bear parking lot.   From the lot, we saw a bear eating his lunch and really didn’t pay to much attention to the exploding crowd starting to surround the cage. Personally I haven’t been in this attraction since I was single digits old.

How can you resist the brilliant red color of a covered bridge?

How can you resist the brilliant red color of a covered bridge?

From there, we headed up the road to Indian Head Resort.   My brother and I climbed the fire tower to the top to check out the views.   WOW, great views! The mountain-sides looked like a pastel painting with all the different fall colors dominating the landscape.  If you don’t like heights and a little sway in a metal structure; probably not for you.

We proceeded to our lunch destination and our fathers all-time favorite restaurant in the north country, Polly’s Pancakes located in Sugar Hill.   This is north of the the notch or on the back-side of Cannon Mountain.  Here we all ate amazing homemade food and a raspberry pie with ice cream that was to die for.  Highly recommend this place.  (www.

The yellow just "popped" with the afternoon sun hitting it.

The yellow just “popped” with the afternoon sun hitting it.

Finally fulling our stomachs, it was time to work some calories off with a brisk walk through The Flume Gorge.   The gorge being nearly 200 million years old from the Jurassic times extends 800 ft on the base of Mt Liberty.

It features walls of granite that rise to a height of 70 to 90 feet and are 12 to 20 feet apart. As you walk through the gorge you see vegetation on the walls that love moist places, like moss and trees growing in non-traditional ways to gain access to water.

October in New Hampshire is very delightful from the crisp air, upper 60’s in temp (during the day), and the landscape colors that are mother-natures breath taking creations. We all dread what season comes next for us.   HAHA!

Hope you enjoy the pics I took while at The Flume.

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Just a quick snapshot of the license plate change from stock to more of a “Blacked out” look of the rear end of my ’11 HD Street Glide. This was done before Sturgis trip.


Harley’s Black Frame

Marcus and Jim at the 5k Rock-N-Race 2014.

Marcus and Jim at the 5k Rock-N-Race 2014.

Concord, NH (May 15th, 2014)

There’s a lot of themes for road races but none that I’ve ever heard of with bands throughout the route.

Thursday evening was the annual 5k Rock-N-Race foot race in the Capital City of New Hampshire.  Concord hosted 6,000 registered runners and walkers that raised over $500,000 dollars for the local cancer unit.

The course started and ended at the State Capitol Building.  We ran through local neighborhoods, state property, and parking lots.  Bands were generously scattered throughout the course of the race which gave motivation to all participants.

Marcus and Jim ended up running the race.  Tami was planning on it but her Mom had heart surgery that afternoon, so she had to miss it 😦  Marcus ran a 29 min race and Jim ran a 39 min race.

The post event was rewarded with fantastic food from pulled pork, fresh mac-n-cheese, lobster bisque, oven-fired pizza, to ice cream. Certainly not your average energy bar and water that I’ve gotten at other races.

If you are ever in the Concord, NH area in May and want a great run and experience different music, this is the event for you!!


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February Beach

Today was a day to take the conversion van out of storage.  To do this, it needed to be snow shoveled out of the over-sized storage facility and started to get the engine warmed up and the fluids circulating.  Since the beach is an hour away, we decided to head to the shoreline.  Okay, so I decided (haha).  This would accomplish a few goals I want today.  First, give the van a good drive and make sure all the systems are still good from sitting in winter storage for a few months.  Second, enjoy a walk on the beach ( temp was 48 degrees) together. And lastly, get some relaxing time in the van with a great view.

The picture above is the view from the vans full-sized bed looking out of the passengers side rear window at the NH shoreline.  It was nice and relaxing as the music played in the background, inside was warm, and I caught a needed Sunday afternoon nap.

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Where on Eartha am I ?

 January 21st, 2014 – Yarmouth, ME


Eartha, still holds The Guinness Book of World record for the largest 3D rotating world map that stands over 3-stories tall.

Eartha is a 3-dimensional scale model of our earth with mountains and land-forms in full 3D, that rotates and revolves, simulating the earth’s real movements. Eartha was given the title of “World’s Largest Revolving/Rotating Globe” by the editors of the Guinness Book of World Records in 1999, and still holds that record today. It measures 41.5 ft in diameter. It took two years to build and represents earth as it is seen from space. Its scale is 1:1,000,000, which works out to be one inch equaling nearly 16 miles. At this scale, California is three and a half feet tall!

Eartha is located at DeLorme headquarters in Yalmouth, ME in its 3-sided, 3 story glass atrium building. Within the same building is The Map Store that has tons of outstanding resources for all ages.  If you travel, I highly recommend a stop to this place and at least invest in their detailed paper atlases that are published for every states.

DeLorme is located just minutes for LL Beans headquarters in Freeport, ME.

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New York City and a Gamble

New York, NY (December 2013) – Travelling to New York City was a last-minute decision for us.  During the holidays its always great to get to the city and see all the stores decorated and the lights at night.  The city offers all types of people going in all different directions to get where they’re going. This entails, walking, biking, running, taxi, or petal buggies.

This trip was first on a few items on the bucket list:

  1. Tami as never been to the city (NYC)
  2. Both never have been up the Empire State Building
  3. 1st time taking a trip in the van
  4. …and lastly we’ve never slept overnight in it.

We started at the Empire State Building because we parallel parked 2 blocks away.  Boy, did we get lucky on the parking….  I knew that most parking garages wouldn’t take the high-roof conversion van, so I had to find a outside parking (almost impossible in

Clockwise: Tami and the naked chief, Radio City at night, Mr. "I Need Money for Weed", and Tami and I on top of the Empire State Building.

Clockwise: Tami and the naked chief, Radio City at night, Mr. “I Need Money for Weed”, and Tami and I on top of the Empire State Building.

NYC) or a city street space. After fighting traffic around the ESB and seeing the “NO VAN” parking at 2 public parking garages, I turned up a street and BINGO, I found a metered space.

Now the funny part, we saw the waiting line for the Observation Deck that wrapped around the ESB. It reminded me of a long caterpillar of people on Black Friday at Walmart.  It was crazy!  We went to get a parking ticket from the sidewalk kiosk and the credit card reader wasn’t working, so we looked for as many quarters we could.  The meter read, $15 dollars for  hours.   WTF, we didn’t have anywhere close to $15 dollars in quarter.  We only had $5 dollars worth for 1 hour.   We decided to role the dice and see if we’d get a ticket.  We planned on paying at least $45 to park the van in the city anyways. Our gamble paid off, we didn’t get a ticket at all and we only paid for an hour. Feeling lucky!

Unknown to me how busy the ESB is around the holiday and New Years, I pre-purchased Express Passes for us to get to the front of the line.  It cost a few bucks more, but I assure you, its well worth the money.   We never experienced any of the long lines. Matter of fact, you’re treated special from the staff having this pass.  We got to the front of lines whether going up or coming down.  It saved hours of waiting around in lines and made the experience that much better.

We grabbed a taxi to Rockefeller Center and Time Square to see all the Vegas-type lights and the huge crowds roaming the streets.

We then jumped in the van and headed back north a few hours Foxwood Casino.  We read online that they’d allow us to stay overnight in the van in the RV parking area.  This was good place to hangup the keys, so we could have a drink together and no one had to drive.  We played some machines and had some beers while listening to a band.

It was a mild temperature day in NY at 50 degrees and the night temp was around 35 here.   We had a portable inside propane heater that needed more fresh air than we wanted to give it, so we layered on the blankets till the morning and started the van to pump some heat into it.

All in all, it was a great trip and we look forward to many more adventures in the van together!  🙂

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Good To Be The “King”


Fun photos of us bring goofy at the faire.

Carver, MA (October 20th, 2013) – What a cool place for a Sunday afternoon or any afternoon that its open.

I’ve heard about this show for years and years, but never got to it.  It was really Tami’s idea to go to this with a friend, so when she mentioned it, I was all over it.  Well, the friend didn’t end up make it based on her schedule and ours.

We witnessed live jousting knights and many side shows that were magical and cool to be at. Its just so different then the typical New England Fair this time of year.

Marcus and Tami in front of the Mayflower in Plymouth, MA

Marcus and Tami in front of the Mayflower in Plymouth, MA

So many people were dressed in medieval garp that we felt out of place not being suited up. Half of the fun in attending is to be dressed up next to Kings, Jesters, Oaf or Wenches. Everything being sold was like stepping back in time.  They sold all sorts of outfits or accessories for any type of costume you support.  Hey, you can even rent one there!  Bring your wallet full of cash tho, things aren’t cheap here.

Tami, had a great idea on my costume next year….   Yes, I will be supporting that Scottish kilt… .   I wonder what she’s wearing next year?  Any suggestions?  LMAO   🙂

P.s. We even got to see the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock!

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One Dirty Couple Gets It Done

As you can see, we're celebrating and having fun together coming and going

As you can see, we’re celebrating and having fun together coming and going

Loudon, NH  (Oct 12, 2012)

Now that I have your attention….  haha.. sorry

Tami and Jim completed their first 5k obstacle course today, called Renegade Campground.  We ran this to see what an obstacle course run would be like.  Neither one of us has ever done one before. We need some experience before the 12.1 mile course coming up next spring in VT.  Today’s goal was NOT about the stop watch but finishing with a smile was.

Tami showing you all the donated sneakers left behind.  We as well donated our sneakers too.

Tami showing you all the donated sneakers left behind. We as well donated our sneakers too.

We ran, jumped over wood/concrete barriers, crawled through mud, navigated  multiple swamps with warning of snakes and leaches,  and walked.  Yep, we walked (through the woods), Jim has broken ankles in the woods before, so he knows better then to run through the woods also in slippery conditions.  As I mentioned before, it wasn’t about time, it was about finishing… and finishing without injury would only be a bonus! We did the ambulance head towards the woods before we started the race.  We also saw a guy in the back of the STAFF pickup that quit early.  We found out at the start of the race that the guy lost his sneaker in the waste-high water.

As you can see we made it to the finish line in under an hour.  It bad for obstacle rookies.  🙂

Maine’s Amazing OOB’s

2013 Summer Vacation ColiageOld Orchard Beach, ME (July 8th – 14th ) – Hours of planning for a week of vacation. The hours were mostly spent getting the RV ready for another 2-hour road journey to Maine.
Although this ride was going to be a bit more comforting… why, you ask? Because I had all new Bilstein shocks installed on the rig. Making the ride, turns and swaying much more tolerable.
Since Tami and I got away last weekend at Gunstock Mountain Campground in Gilford, NH a month prior, we found out that our hot water tank was shot too. Water just leaked out the back of the RV like the American-side of Niagara Falls. gushing big time…
Fast-forward, I ordered a new tank online and installed it with my Dad a few days before vacation (end of June). We connected the water line to shoreline water and bingo, I hear the tank filling (good sound) and I don’t see water dripping out the back…but,  I see water pouring out mid-ship. When I do an inspection of the bedroom, I find that the shower pipes have cracked spilling water all over the carpet.  Looks like this project will have to wait till after vacation.
During vacation, the weather on either side of the weekdays was sunny nice and warm. The weekday was cloudy and rainy almost every day. This created a challenge in keeping the boys tent dry and tended to be a bit chilly at night. You know that feeling of cold and wet. It’s not fun for anyone.

Tami’s Dad ended up in the hospital, so she went back home to attend to him for a couple of days. The boys and I caught the trolley that dropped us off downtown. We did some window shopping, ate some fried dough, walked on the pier, they went on the carnival rides, plus learned and briefly played a French Canadian game called Pétanque, also played mini golf, and ate some pizza.

All us boys had to use this in our shorts based on our bathing suits kept rubbing on our crouch

All us boys had to use this in our shorts based on our bathing suits kept rubbing on our crouch

We all had a day at Funtown / Splashtown in Saco on Thursday. The day started cloudy and it did rain for a bit but then the sun broke through and it was hot and humid for most of the day.

Jim took down 4 lobsters and a bowl of steamers during the week. Meanwhile, we cooked on the open fire a few nights with chicken that we had marinating for days. Have to say, there’s nothing like grilling on an open fire.

Marcus skinned his elbow from falling off his scooter barreling  down a steep hill at the campground with his buddy, Adrian.

When Marcus was at his Dad’s, Tami and I went out to “The Pier” for some nightlife and you can see Tami taking a injected shot from the Shot Girl.

In closing, we has a fun time together and look forward to the next camping adventure.  🙂

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