Improvements the Rig

The Roadmaster sticker on the hood was remade, the flat screen with stereo and subwoofer added, to the couch and kitchen completely redone.

The Roadmaster sticker on the hood was remade, the flat screen with stereo and subwoofer added, and the couch and kitchen completely redone.

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Marcus and Jim at the 5k Rock-N-Race 2014.

Marcus and Jim at the 5k Rock-N-Race 2014.

Concord, NH (May 15th, 2014)

There’s a lot of themes for road races but none that I’ve ever heard of with bands throughout the route.

Thursday evening was the annual 5k Rock-N-Race foot race in the Capital City of New Hampshire.  Concord hosted 6,000 registered runners and walkers that raised over $500,000 dollars for the local cancer unit.

The course started and ended at the State Capitol Building.  We ran through local neighborhoods, state property, and parking lots.  Bands were generously scattered throughout the course of the race which gave motivation to all participants.

Marcus and Jim ended up running the race.  Tami was planning on it but her Mom had heart surgery that afternoon, so she had to miss it 😦  Marcus ran a 29 min race and Jim ran a 39 min race.

The post event was rewarded with fantastic food from pulled pork, fresh mac-n-cheese, lobster bisque, oven-fired pizza, to ice cream. Certainly not your average energy bar and water that I’ve gotten at other races.

If you are ever in the Concord, NH area in May and want a great run and experience different music, this is the event for you!!


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Four on the Floor

DrummimgManchester, NH  (May 2014) – At this point Jim gets limited time on stage drumming.  Today, he got to play Lenny Kravitz’s tune “Always On The Run” with some local pro’s at Milly’s Tavern in the millyard.

Check out part of the video:

This was put on from the company that Jim goes too for drum lessons. He’s still seeking more stage time with a band of his own.


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Microwave in RV

Above you can see the progress of change from the old confection oven that lived in this space (that was behind a large door) with a new updated insert SS microwave.  I created a cross bar for the microwave so it had a clean tight fit.  In doing so, I created a space to bring in color or what I have there now, dry flower arrangement.  It adds that “homey” feel to the coach I was looking for and a piece of the outdoors to the kitchen.

The last photo (on the right) you see the ceiling/walls have been painted.  The cabinets have been re-finished and the tile backsplash is added.  What you can’t see is the refinished countertops (black), but I’ll post this in the future.

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Motorhome’s New Floor

The large picture shows the finished product.  The upper right photo shows the carpet around the bed.  The middle and botom right photo shows the great look of hardwood

The large picture shows the finished product. The upper right photo shows the carpet around the bed. The middle and bottom right photo shows the great look of hardwood in the kitchen and stairs.  The hardwood goes into the living area too. (pic missing)


May 2013 – Last year I ripped up 2/3rd of the motor-home’s 1980’s rose colored carpet.   Even thou the coach doesn’t have allot of mileage on it, this carpeting was matted down and just collected a ton of dirt throughout the years. With the assistance from my dad we replaced this with laminate hardwood flooring and new carpet/padding for the back half of the coach.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

As you can imagine, the interior needed an updating from the 80’s, so what better time to do a complete re-color design from the ugly camper style that are still in campers today.  Wallpaper borders are so out of style,  I can’t tell you LOUD enough and the the ugly interior colors are putride.  I’ll go out on a limb and say that if you failed interior design in college you’ll probably end up working for a camper manufacture.  I have no idea on the low to medium priced RV’s where they come up with color/design patterns, but to me, its horrible!

Anyways, the hardwood flooring looks outstanding and it almost maintenance free.  In addition to the flooring, Tami and I ended up repainting all the walls/ceilings and I re-finished all the cabinets in the whole rig.

The only rose colored carpet left is in the drivers cabin and that won’t be there for long.  🙂


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Swarovski Glam for Women’s Bikes

Have you ever seen cool motorcycles that just sparkle in the sunlight?  If not, keep reading.

The Denver Post published an article in Nov 2013 and said, “Between 2003 and 2009, the estimated number of women motorcyclists increased 67 percent, and the estimated number of women motorcycle owners increased 37 percent, according to the online magazine Women Riders Now. Nearly one in four riders in the U.S. are female.”

Diamondazzle Logo is one the leading companies that blings existing and new motorcycle parts for women that ride and want that customized look.   This company is just getting on the web with pieces that are new and blinged.  Most of the work has been customers sending their existing parts to the company to have blinged.   The company only uses high-quality Swarovski crystals which is known for their superiority . The company is donating to a Breast Cancer charity this fall with a portion of the profits of their limited production bling pink ribbon helmet product.   Diamondazzle stands behind all their work for the life of the product.

If you’re looking for something special for your ride or know someone that is, you owe it to yourself to look this company up.  Their website is

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Drumming Saved My Life

drums_overhead 2

The title to this post may sound stupid or down-right silly to some, but I’m living proof its true.

They say “you never know the person you married, till you aren’t anymore”.  Boy, someone called that one!  It started about 5-years ago when I was going through a nasty separation/divorce.  I was married for over 20+ years.

As an understatement, I was very frustrated with the court system, mounting attorneys fees (that was an expensive waste of time) and the personal attack of lies that my EX was generating to other adults, but more importantly, our teenage girls.  This craziness went on for 2-years.  My metal state of mind worn on me, so I came to grip with myself and said, “Self”, you need to seek a professional.  You need someone to talk / walk you through what’s happening or has happened. So that’s exactly what I did. I opened my benefits package and called the Employee Assistance Program.

I’ll tell you this,  it’s the best thing that could’ve happened to me.  About the same time as my appointment to talk it through, I took up an interest in drumming.  Not knowing a thing about drums, I went full-bore and bought a complete rock drum set with all the cool cymbals, stands, and sticks.  That same week, I signed up for local lessons from a drum professional.  If I’m going to learn this new skill and have people listen, than I want to be good at it.

This combination of lessons and drumming was completely supported by the professional therapist.  Matter-of-fact, she was so supportive that she told me that I couldn’t have pick a better instrument to learn based on the frustration you feel.  She back that statement up with, some men need to get their anger or aggression out and drumming is the perfect instrument to do just that.  I think she called it art therapy.  Doing some research looks like Los Angeles uses drum therapy on inmates to reduce aggression.  Ugh, who knew?

Moving the clock forward, drumming has been a saint for me.  With every weeks practice of getting slightly better; someday to play in a band for fun, is most calming thought ever.

Thank you Pearl, DW,  DP,  Tama, and Ludwig or whatever brand for saving my life!!  Without you, I’d still be banging my head instead of yours.  Rock On!  🙂

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February Beach

Today was a day to take the conversion van out of storage.  To do this, it needed to be snow shoveled out of the over-sized storage facility and started to get the engine warmed up and the fluids circulating.  Since the beach is an hour away, we decided to head to the shoreline.  Okay, so I decided (haha).  This would accomplish a few goals I want today.  First, give the van a good drive and make sure all the systems are still good from sitting in winter storage for a few months.  Second, enjoy a walk on the beach ( temp was 48 degrees) together. And lastly, get some relaxing time in the van with a great view.

The picture above is the view from the vans full-sized bed looking out of the passengers side rear window at the NH shoreline.  It was nice and relaxing as the music played in the background, inside was warm, and I caught a needed Sunday afternoon nap.

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Where on Eartha am I ?

 January 21st, 2014 – Yarmouth, ME


Eartha, still holds The Guinness Book of World record for the largest 3D rotating world map that stands over 3-stories tall.

Eartha is a 3-dimensional scale model of our earth with mountains and land-forms in full 3D, that rotates and revolves, simulating the earth’s real movements. Eartha was given the title of “World’s Largest Revolving/Rotating Globe” by the editors of the Guinness Book of World Records in 1999, and still holds that record today. It measures 41.5 ft in diameter. It took two years to build and represents earth as it is seen from space. Its scale is 1:1,000,000, which works out to be one inch equaling nearly 16 miles. At this scale, California is three and a half feet tall!

Eartha is located at DeLorme headquarters in Yalmouth, ME in its 3-sided, 3 story glass atrium building. Within the same building is The Map Store that has tons of outstanding resources for all ages.  If you travel, I highly recommend a stop to this place and at least invest in their detailed paper atlases that are published for every states.

DeLorme is located just minutes for LL Beans headquarters in Freeport, ME.

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Music to My Ears

224999_3913692759041_879716445_nThis is a posted dedicated to my drumming and the progress that I’ve had over  the last few years. HAHA…. they say you break your New Years Resolution  within a week.  Not this guy!

That’s right, I made a promise to myself back in the fall of 2013 to re-enlist in  drumming lessons again. That is, only after my car was paid off or sold.   (Lessons aren’t cheap you know. LOL)  Well, low and behold, I sold my car after months of chucking lobs of cash down on it.  I was 2+-years ahead on payments and hardly drove it.  I thought, why keep paying for a asset that losses value every mile you drive it or it just sitting there.

Anyways, I  got in touch with my old drum professional and schedule a day and time every week to get educated again. I never stop practicing, but I did it once every other week instead of weekly.

Drumming has been a god-scent to me over the years.  Yeeeeah, I’m a late bloomer and started to take lesson in my early 40’s. But, I give it my all when I’m behind the kit (drum set). Well drumming came about after reinventing or acting on my prioritizes after my divorce.   It truly got me focused and playing an instrument I always had interest in.

As you can image, it gets difficult, but not impossible to learn at an older age, but that didn’t stop me.  I started very slow on my new black (Pearl) 5 piece kit.  From the beginning, I had a burning desire to play songs and not just single, double, or triple drum rolls like they teach in middle school.  I wanted to play something that people knew.

It didn’t take me long to search the net for sheet music for beginners.  Also, it didn’t take long to see that sheet music for drummers was like finding a diamond in beach sand.

Some of my favor cover song include 80’s metal bands.  Bands like Poison, Ratt, Alice and Chain, AC/DC, Metallica, and so many more.   I own multiple  3″ ring binders full of sheet music I’ve bought or had transcribed for me  over the years.  My books cover the gamut from slow tempo tunes, country (new country), dance, to hard rock.

After about 18-months, I posted a Craigslist “Wanted Ad” for band members and ended up in a band.  We all practiced at our homes and we got together once a month for a full practice.  We played out a few times to show a few cover tunes and get stage experience.  I wanted to play and practice more often then some of them wanted to do and the band broke up.

Moving forward, Here’s a list of drumming goal for 2014:

  1. Learn common and cool drum fills.
  2. Purchase and start learning a double kick petal.
  3. Learn new songs
  4. Memorize at least 30 songs
  5. Play at least 3 Open Mic nights in the area.

This years going to excellent for me and the music that I play.  I hope you keep a commitment to yourself and that New Years resolution you made!   🙂

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