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Random pics of places Jim has played in 2015.   I’m missing some pictures of events too, but you get the idea, we’re all having a blast together.   Check us out on the web at http://www.wicked6band.com or Facebook WICKID 6 Band

2015 was nothing short of interesting; let me share the short version for ya.  We lost of lead singers in the beginning of the year and at the end of the year our rhythm guitarist was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.   He is currently being treated and hopefully will have a full recovery in May/June time frame.

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Music to My Ears

224999_3913692759041_879716445_nThis is a posted dedicated to my drumming and the progress that I’ve had over  the last few years. HAHA…. they say you break your New Years Resolution  within a week.  Not this guy!

That’s right, I made a promise to myself back in the fall of 2013 to re-enlist in  drumming lessons again. That is, only after my car was paid off or sold.   (Lessons aren’t cheap you know. LOL)  Well, low and behold, I sold my car after months of chucking lobs of cash down on it.  I was 2+-years ahead on payments and hardly drove it.  I thought, why keep paying for a asset that losses value every mile you drive it or it just sitting there.

Anyways, I  got in touch with my old drum professional and schedule a day and time every week to get educated again. I never stop practicing, but I did it once every other week instead of weekly.

Drumming has been a god-scent to me over the years.  Yeeeeah, I’m a late bloomer and started to take lesson in my early 40’s. But, I give it my all when I’m behind the kit (drum set). Well drumming came about after reinventing or acting on my prioritizes after my divorce.   It truly got me focused and playing an instrument I always had interest in.

As you can image, it gets difficult, but not impossible to learn at an older age, but that didn’t stop me.  I started very slow on my new black (Pearl) 5 piece kit.  From the beginning, I had a burning desire to play songs and not just single, double, or triple drum rolls like they teach in middle school.  I wanted to play something that people knew.

It didn’t take me long to search the net for sheet music for beginners.  Also, it didn’t take long to see that sheet music for drummers was like finding a diamond in beach sand.

Some of my favor cover song include 80’s metal bands.  Bands like Poison, Ratt, Alice and Chain, AC/DC, Metallica, and so many more.   I own multiple  3″ ring binders full of sheet music I’ve bought or had transcribed for me  over the years.  My books cover the gamut from slow tempo tunes, country (new country), dance, to hard rock.

After about 18-months, I posted a Craigslist “Wanted Ad” for band members and ended up in a band.  We all practiced at our homes and we got together once a month for a full practice.  We played out a few times to show a few cover tunes and get stage experience.  I wanted to play and practice more often then some of them wanted to do and the band broke up.

Moving forward, Here’s a list of drumming goal for 2014:

  1. Learn common and cool drum fills.
  2. Purchase and start learning a double kick petal.
  3. Learn new songs
  4. Memorize at least 30 songs
  5. Play at least 3 Open Mic nights in the area.

This years going to excellent for me and the music that I play.  I hope you keep a commitment to yourself and that New Years resolution you made!   🙂

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