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Badass Chopper

Want to feel BADASS?  This raked BigDog chopper is just the thing.   It houses a workhorse 117ci S&S motor paired to a Baker 6-speed Tranny that just screams for gas.  Pop the clutch and hang the hell on.  The back tire is a w-i-d-e 300mm piece of rubber that heats up and grips the road nicely.  The ride is comfortable based on the hidden air suspension, so not a rigid frame model.

Jim just loves this bike.  He placed his Harley Street Glide in storage (till fall) and is just enjoying the raw power and the loud pipes.  Something he’s wanted for a l-o-n-g time!  🙂

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Swarovski Glam for Women’s Bikes

Have you ever seen cool motorcycles that just sparkle in the sunlight?  If not, keep reading.

The Denver Post published an article in Nov 2013 and said, “Between 2003 and 2009, the estimated number of women motorcyclists increased 67 percent, and the estimated number of women motorcycle owners increased 37 percent, according to the online magazine Women Riders Now. Nearly one in four riders in the U.S. are female.”

Diamondazzle Logo

Diamondazzle.com is one the leading companies that blings existing and new motorcycle parts for women that ride and want that customized look.   This company is just getting on the web with pieces that are new and blinged.  Most of the work has been customers sending their existing parts to the company to have blinged.   The company only uses high-quality Swarovski crystals which is known for their superiority . The company is donating to a Breast Cancer charity this fall with a portion of the profits of their limited production bling pink ribbon helmet product.   Diamondazzle stands behind all their work for the life of the product.

If you’re looking for something special for your ride or know someone that is, you owe it to yourself to look this company up.  Their website is http://www.diamondazzle.com

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South Carolina on 2 Wheels

Myrtle Beach, SC (August 2013) – Tami and I wanted for a few years now to take a long distance motorcycle ride together.   So, given the chance with short notice, we decided to go to a dream location of Tami’s, Myrtle Beach, SC and we had only 5-days.

I made sure that our oils where changes for the 2,000 mile trip and that our bikes where in good general working order to make the adventure.   We planned everything, well almost everything;  we’ll get into that in a bit.  From the packing standpoint, we agreed that I’d carrier most of the baggage, as I had the HD luggage that fit perfectly into my saddlebags (Thx Craigslist). and I’d strap the rest to the backseat of my ride.

We started out in the afternoon and wanted to get past NYC and into NJ for the night. It was a bit difficult when we started, it was raining and we thought that doing 55 – 65 mph on the highway would be fine with the yellow rain-suits from Walmart that Tami purchased that morning.  NOT THE CASE.  We looked like halloween zombies on motorcycles as the rain suits ripped to sheds.  We just faced the rain with clothes on our backs.  The rain finally stopped about 30-mins after this.  It was a bit tense in NYC as Rte 95 was under construction with deep groove roads, you know the grooves I’m talking about, the ones just before they lay new asphalt, the ones the huge machine that grinds the road.  Yes, grooves was one challenge, another was what seem to be speed bumps that we leaped over.  Not really speed bumps, but joins in the road that acted like jumps at 55+ mph.  To add to our wide eyed irises was that it was dark.  The sun was almost over the horizon, the street lights are on and car are whizzing by us like we’re standing still, crossing lanes like it was a NASCAR race.  We got into NJ and stopped for the evening as we where tired from driving 8+ hours.

We started the following day and we wanted to make it to MB in good time.   It didn’t rain a bit from NJ to SC or till we got 45 mins from our MB hotel.   Again, this was 10pm at night and its pitch black out on wet country-like roads that connected these small towns together.  Not the most fun in the rain, but we were excited to get to the beach, even if it was dark.   Let me remind you or explain to non-riders that when its wet / cold and your covering your nose and mouth from rain that feels like pins and needles hitting your face…… plus your body is warmer, it creates glass/goggles to fog up quickly.   Meaning, I can’t see squat in front of me….  Let me tell you, we slept good that night.

It rained the following day, so we checked out the beach on foot and we walked down the boulevard in/out of the shops.  Checked out the Landshark Bar (Jimmy Buffet owned) and had some lunch next to the huge ferris wheel and park.  If it was a warm sunny day, this would be the bar to be at….  right on the beach.  We jumped into a shop and Tami even tried on some SWEET footwear!!!

Finally, we had a great time on this trip and look forward to the next bike trip.

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Indian Motorcycles Remembered

Springfield, MA (April 2013)  – Indian Motorcycles…….  when I (Jim) visualize this ride, I think of the early classic types from the 30’s and 40’s with big “teardrop” fenders and single leather saddle seats.  The birthplace brick factory on Hendee Street that produced 10’s of thousands of bikes is long gone and was torn down in 2009.  Here’s a video of what it looked like (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkadGL9yhf8)

Photo Apr 11, 2 02 13 PM  Photo Apr 11, 2 05 38 PM  Photo Apr 11, 1 40 14 PM  Photo Apr 11, 1 41 12 PM

On Edwards Street in downtown Springfield you’ll find over 35+ bikes donated at the Museum of Springfield History ( www.springfieldmuseums.org ) .  For a small fee, I recommend you take the time to learn about the successes and the failures of the company.   Learn about the Harley/ Indian War.  Read about the riders that race these two-wheel crazy rockets, bike farmers bought, or soldiers rode.  Yes, the military was a large consumer of these rubber metal shakers.  Enlisted military men loved to ride these cost effect rides and when they got out.

I learned that Indian made more than just bikes.  They made a 4-wheel Roadster car for 4 to 5 years in the 20’s with a modified motorcycle engine.  I also learned that they made marine engines for a bit too.  It was cool to see how creative they got to sell the bike, like adding snow skies or making a toboggan.

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90th Annual Laconia Bike Rally

971738_10152854823460526_388156387_n Laconia, NH (June 8th – 16th, 2013)  Named “America’s Original Riding Rally within the United States and a major biking event within the Northeast,  it caters to all brands of motorcycles throughout world.  Laconia is a great place and one that’s considered, by many,  in our backyard.  Okay, most of you know that we live in NH, so saying so, is for the visitor of this post.

Tami and I rode up on Sunday (6/9) for a few hours to check out this years events and crowds.  The weather was perfect for riding wing together.  Temps in the low 80’s with a slight breeze.  The crowd swelled as the mercury kept inching up during the day.   We cut out early afternoon to make it home for other commitments we had.  We got stuck in a bunch of stop-n-go traffic.  Good thing Tami knows the backroads….  it saved us a ton of time and a cramped left clutch-hand.  We plan on heading back up on Sat, so we can spend the afternoon and evening there, to see the bands and what else bike week has to offer.  Keep you posted! 😀

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