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Random pics of places Jim has played in 2015.   I’m missing some pictures of events too, but you get the idea, we’re all having a blast together.   Check us out on the web at http://www.wicked6band.com or Facebook WICKID 6 Band

2015 was nothing short of interesting; let me share the short version for ya.  We lost of lead singers in the beginning of the year and at the end of the year our rhythm guitarist was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.   He is currently being treated and hopefully will have a full recovery in May/June time frame.

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Flume Fun

Franconia Notch, NH (October 2015) – 

Fall in NH is just beautiful to see.   This week marked the long weekend that my brother and his wife from California came to visit us.    One of top things he wanted to do was to visit “The Flume” in Franconia Notch State Park.   So my parents and I headed up in the car with them.

Our first stop was Clark Trading Bear parking lot.   From the lot, we saw a bear eating his lunch and really didn’t pay to much attention to the exploding crowd starting to surround the cage. Personally I haven’t been in this attraction since I was single digits old.

How can you resist the brilliant red color of a covered bridge?

How can you resist the brilliant red color of a covered bridge?

From there, we headed up the road to Indian Head Resort.   My brother and I climbed the fire tower to the top to check out the views.   WOW, great views! The mountain-sides looked like a pastel painting with all the different fall colors dominating the landscape.  If you don’t like heights and a little sway in a metal structure; probably not for you.

We proceeded to our lunch destination and our fathers all-time favorite restaurant in the north country, Polly’s Pancakes located in Sugar Hill.   This is north of the the notch or on the back-side of Cannon Mountain.  Here we all ate amazing homemade food and a raspberry pie with ice cream that was to die for.  Highly recommend this place.  (www.https://pollyspancakeparlor.com)

The yellow just "popped" with the afternoon sun hitting it.

The yellow just “popped” with the afternoon sun hitting it.

Finally fulling our stomachs, it was time to work some calories off with a brisk walk through The Flume Gorge.   The gorge being nearly 200 million years old from the Jurassic times extends 800 ft on the base of Mt Liberty.

It features walls of granite that rise to a height of 70 to 90 feet and are 12 to 20 feet apart. As you walk through the gorge you see vegetation on the walls that love moist places, like moss and trees growing in non-traditional ways to gain access to water.

October in New Hampshire is very delightful from the crisp air, upper 60’s in temp (during the day), and the landscape colors that are mother-natures breath taking creations. We all dread what season comes next for us.   HAHA!

Hope you enjoy the pics I took while at The Flume.

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Sabbath Sunday…..

Manchester, NH (November 2014) – What is a “sabbath”?  The Webster’s Dictionary defines it as – a day of religious observance and abstinence from work, kept by Jews from Friday evening to Saturday evening, and by most Christians on Sunday.

drum shot for wordpress

That’s exactly what this was for me….  a day of drumming religion observed on Sunday.  LOL

Jim was invited to step-in (last minute) with a cover band for a song called “Mob Rules” by 70’s/80’s rockers, Black Sabbath.

Here’s a 120 sec video on the performance,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EUpxl2E12E

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Marcus and Jim at the 5k Rock-N-Race 2014.

Marcus and Jim at the 5k Rock-N-Race 2014.

Concord, NH (May 15th, 2014)

There’s a lot of themes for road races but none that I’ve ever heard of with bands throughout the route.

Thursday evening was the annual 5k Rock-N-Race foot race in the Capital City of New Hampshire.  Concord hosted 6,000 registered runners and walkers that raised over $500,000 dollars for the local cancer unit.

The course started and ended at the State Capitol Building.  We ran through local neighborhoods, state property, and parking lots.  Bands were generously scattered throughout the course of the race which gave motivation to all participants.

Marcus and Jim ended up running the race.  Tami was planning on it but her Mom had heart surgery that afternoon, so she had to miss it 😦  Marcus ran a 29 min race and Jim ran a 39 min race.

The post event was rewarded with fantastic food from pulled pork, fresh mac-n-cheese, lobster bisque, oven-fired pizza, to ice cream. Certainly not your average energy bar and water that I’ve gotten at other races.

If you are ever in the Concord, NH area in May and want a great run and experience different music, this is the event for you!!


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Four on the Floor

DrummimgManchester, NH  (May 2014) – At this point Jim gets limited time on stage drumming.  Today, he got to play Lenny Kravitz’s tune “Always On The Run” with some local pro’s at Milly’s Tavern in the millyard.

Check out part of the video:


This was put on from the company that Jim goes too for drum lessons. He’s still seeking more stage time with a band of his own.


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Microwave in RV

Above you can see the progress of change from the old confection oven that lived in this space (that was behind a large door) with a new updated insert SS microwave.  I created a cross bar for the microwave so it had a clean tight fit.  In doing so, I created a space to bring in color or what I have there now, dry flower arrangement.  It adds that “homey” feel to the coach I was looking for and a piece of the outdoors to the kitchen.

The last photo (on the right) you see the ceiling/walls have been painted.  The cabinets have been re-finished and the tile backsplash is added.  What you can’t see is the refinished countertops (black), but I’ll post this in the future.

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Motorhome’s New Floor

The large picture shows the finished product.  The upper right photo shows the carpet around the bed.  The middle and botom right photo shows the great look of hardwood

The large picture shows the finished product. The upper right photo shows the carpet around the bed. The middle and bottom right photo shows the great look of hardwood in the kitchen and stairs.  The hardwood goes into the living area too. (pic missing)


May 2013 – Last year I ripped up 2/3rd of the motor-home’s 1980’s rose colored carpet.   Even thou the coach doesn’t have allot of mileage on it, this carpeting was matted down and just collected a ton of dirt throughout the years. With the assistance from my dad we replaced this with laminate hardwood flooring and new carpet/padding for the back half of the coach.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

As you can imagine, the interior needed an updating from the 80’s, so what better time to do a complete re-color design from the ugly camper style that are still in campers today.  Wallpaper borders are so out of style,  I can’t tell you LOUD enough and the the ugly interior colors are putride.  I’ll go out on a limb and say that if you failed interior design in college you’ll probably end up working for a camper manufacture.  I have no idea on the low to medium priced RV’s where they come up with color/design patterns, but to me, its horrible!

Anyways, the hardwood flooring looks outstanding and it almost maintenance free.  In addition to the flooring, Tami and I ended up repainting all the walls/ceilings and I re-finished all the cabinets in the whole rig.

The only rose colored carpet left is in the drivers cabin and that won’t be there for long.  🙂


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February Beach

Today was a day to take the conversion van out of storage.  To do this, it needed to be snow shoveled out of the over-sized storage facility and started to get the engine warmed up and the fluids circulating.  Since the beach is an hour away, we decided to head to the shoreline.  Okay, so I decided (haha).  This would accomplish a few goals I want today.  First, give the van a good drive and make sure all the systems are still good from sitting in winter storage for a few months.  Second, enjoy a walk on the beach ( temp was 48 degrees) together. And lastly, get some relaxing time in the van with a great view.

The picture above is the view from the vans full-sized bed looking out of the passengers side rear window at the NH shoreline.  It was nice and relaxing as the music played in the background, inside was warm, and I caught a needed Sunday afternoon nap.

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Weekend of Water Wackiness

Ashland, NH (May 31- June 2) – We spent the weekend in the NH White Mountains at a campsite called Jellystone Park Camp – Resort (http://abcamping.com/jellystonenh/) located in Ashland. The home of Yogi and Boo Boo. This park is known for the family fun atmosphere and the home of Adventure Zone. AZ is an inflatable paradise for kids and adults of all sizes. The largest of the bunch is Blue Crush which soars over 36 feet in height and has a slim waiting pool at the bottom the size of a small ship. Also, there’s two other slides call Hurricane and Obstacle, a course with a slide at the top.

Slide in Adventure Zone

Slide in Adventure Zone

This past weekend was a “scorcha” of hot weather. High in the 80`’s to low 90’s plus no site of a rain cloud in the sky anywhere. Also, its Jellystone’s theme “Wet ‘N Wild Weekend!” WATER EVERYWHERE! Get set to get wet everywhere you go!! Slip ‘n Slide, Water Gun Heyrides, Water Games. You couldn’t have picked better weather. Truely, it’s the first real warm spell in NH since last fall (ouch).

Our fun started Friday evening using the pool that was cold, but was refreshing with the hot and humid temperatures. It was convenient, our motorhome site was right across from the pool and snake bar.

Sat morning we started with a 2-hour kayak cruse up the Pemi River. Tami, Marcus and Jim rented our own kayaks and we paddled up the river and tipped over to stay cool in the crystal clear river. It was the first time for Tami and Marcus to be in a kayak. The river was so clear you could see the sandy bottom at all times. It was quiet and peaceful for most of the journey. I looked for frog, turtles, or any other wild life next to the shore on rock or trees that had fallen into the water. Besides a bird or Canadian goose fly over, I didn’t get to catch any animals sunbathing.. haha.

In the afternoon, we blew up our tubes and headed back down to the river. So we all stay together we tied them together to just float and drift with the lite current.

Come dinner time, we started a camp fire and cooked chicken, hamburgers, and veggies that can’t be beat for taste. That evening, we joined the rest of the campground for Candy Bingo. It was our first game when I hear Marcus scream out “BINGO”. The MC asked for him to come up to verify his card. He did and was asked to sit back down, as he did have a single straight line across correct, BUT he needed 2 other rows of numbers to be filled as well… To go without saying, he was a bit embarrassed! After bingo, we built a fire till about 10:30pm when we turned off the music and headed for the pillow.

We had a fun weekend together from doing pool activities to just hanging around the fire.

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