Repurposing Instruments:Wall Art

Just can’t help but share these pictures with everyone.    Music has inspired and saved so many people from going off the “deep” end, including myself.   See the article called Drumming Saved My Life on this site.  IMG_1737

As i stated in the caption, I made a living room end table that is lit inside with a bulb to give a great effect.   I wrapped it with a 1937 old New York newspaper I found at a local antique store and placed some semi-gloss poly over it to give it some “yellow” patina.  I enjoyed the project and it was cheap and unique.


Bottom-line, I just love the repurpose of the instrument to reflect a common connection we know. Hope you like the pictures as much as I do!

“Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand.” -Stevie Wonder



Random pics of places Jim has played in 2015.   I’m missing some pictures of events too, but you get the idea, we’re all having a blast together.   Check us out on the web at or Facebook WICKID 6 Band

2015 was nothing short of interesting; let me share the short version for ya.  We lost of lead singers in the beginning of the year and at the end of the year our rhythm guitarist was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.   He is currently being treated and hopefully will have a full recovery in May/June time frame.

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The Corvette Life

WOW!!! Its been a life-long dream to own a Corvette and the day has finally come.

I always wanted to drive one of these American Sports Cars since I was a teenager.  My neighbor, as a kid down the street had a gorgeous yellow one with side pipes.  Man you could hear that car coming houses away.   Anyways,  before this urge to drive, I used to build plastic models, you know, the ones that are made by Monogram,  the ones that are 1:24th or 25th the real size?  Well a few of these models where Corvettes.    I recall vivdidly a two-tone silver Indy C3 Pace Car of the late 70’s.   Boy, I loved building that car and I took great pride making it look as perfect as the picture on the box.  (if you built models, you know that’s not an easy).   To me, the C3’s had that “coke bottle” body style that looked like the curves of your girlfriend.  Just yummy!

Well I grew out of making plastic models and substituted them for real models.   Should have stuck to the plastic ones.  I would have had one 25-years ago.  haha

Today, I have 1995 C4 Corvette Sport Coupe in 80’s Polo Green Metallic (45).   Just under 4,000 green vettes made this year and is the 4th popular color of corvettes ordered.  My car has a 300hp Chevy LT1 motor that I’m keeping stock.  I just may keep everything stock beside the exhaust.   I think the car sounds better without mufflers, just saying.  This car has an automatic tranny with the interior being a blend of Black and Tan.   Ok, now I’m thirsty.   Finally, 1995 was the second-to-the-last year of the C4 F-body series of cars.

This summer, Jim looks forward to driving with the targa top off, meeting new people, and making new friends in our Corvette.   WOW!!!   Always noticed vettes on the road…. let me go take a peak at mine again and make sure this truly isn’t a dream.

IMG_1719       IMG_1720IMG_1722

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Alexis featured in a Boston-based Fitness Blog

Boston, MA (October 2015) – Congrats to my daughter Alexis for working hard in multiple areas
of her life including her physical fitness.   She’s been a health coach and mentor for dozens of people for the past 3-years. Screenshot 2015-10-10 10.06.01Her passion is helping other people of all ages, shapes, and sizes through goal-driven results and Herbalife formulas.  She’s a wealth of personal knowledge in diabetes management and has help countless kids/young adults throughout her life.   She’s volunteered for ADA events, made baskets for kids just diagnosed, worked children with diabetes summers camps in 2 states, and Even Skype other diabetics throughout the world through her GLIDE (Global Leadership In Diabetes Education) program.  You can see her website at

The full article can be read at

Congrats Alexis and keep up the excellent work; you are making a difference one person at a time!!!

Flume Fun

Franconia Notch, NH (October 2015) – 

Fall in NH is just beautiful to see.   This week marked the long weekend that my brother and his wife from California came to visit us.    One of top things he wanted to do was to visit “The Flume” in Franconia Notch State Park.   So my parents and I headed up in the car with them.

Our first stop was Clark Trading Bear parking lot.   From the lot, we saw a bear eating his lunch and really didn’t pay to much attention to the exploding crowd starting to surround the cage. Personally I haven’t been in this attraction since I was single digits old.

How can you resist the brilliant red color of a covered bridge?

How can you resist the brilliant red color of a covered bridge?

From there, we headed up the road to Indian Head Resort.   My brother and I climbed the fire tower to the top to check out the views.   WOW, great views! The mountain-sides looked like a pastel painting with all the different fall colors dominating the landscape.  If you don’t like heights and a little sway in a metal structure; probably not for you.

We proceeded to our lunch destination and our fathers all-time favorite restaurant in the north country, Polly’s Pancakes located in Sugar Hill.   This is north of the the notch or on the back-side of Cannon Mountain.  Here we all ate amazing homemade food and a raspberry pie with ice cream that was to die for.  Highly recommend this place.  (www.

The yellow just "popped" with the afternoon sun hitting it.

The yellow just “popped” with the afternoon sun hitting it.

Finally fulling our stomachs, it was time to work some calories off with a brisk walk through The Flume Gorge.   The gorge being nearly 200 million years old from the Jurassic times extends 800 ft on the base of Mt Liberty.

It features walls of granite that rise to a height of 70 to 90 feet and are 12 to 20 feet apart. As you walk through the gorge you see vegetation on the walls that love moist places, like moss and trees growing in non-traditional ways to gain access to water.

October in New Hampshire is very delightful from the crisp air, upper 60’s in temp (during the day), and the landscape colors that are mother-natures breath taking creations. We all dread what season comes next for us.   HAHA!

Hope you enjoy the pics I took while at The Flume.

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Just a quick snapshot of the license plate change from stock to more of a “Blacked out” look of the rear end of my ’11 HD Street Glide. This was done before Sturgis trip.


Harley’s Black Frame

Sturgis Bike Week – 75th Anniversary

Sturgis, SD  (August 2015) –  WOW!!!! What a motorcycle event with over 750,000 other bikers, just like us!!!

Devil's Tower - Wyoming

Devil’s Tower – Wyoming with our friends Jodi and Chris.

Tami and I were extremely fortunate to attend this years 75th Anniversary of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in S. Dakota.  Stay with me for additional details a bit later, but in summary, the guys trailered the bikes and the girls flew into Rapid City, SD. We all stayed at the Buffalo Chip Campground and saw almost all the popular tourist attractions in the area.

Chris and I started out on a Wednesday afternoon for the 2000 mile excursion across the country to SD.  We’ve both dreamed of this day to come for the past 10-months and finally it was here.   There was a ton of planning along the way in making sure we had a safe and enjoyable trip.  I took two weeks off from work, the first time I’ve done that in over 20-years.   I remember the last time I did and it was a refreshing experience to have two consecutive weeks in a row off. HIGHLY recommend it!

Personally I love to travel. Take your pick train, plane, or auto for me.  Well this road trip was in a 2015 Chevy HD 3500 diesel with 20ft enclosed trailer for the bikes and luggage.   Just a mammoth of a rig that Chris borrowed from a friend. I’m not a Chevy guy, but this truck was impressive to drive.  We took turns driving in 3-hour shifts which was about the time we needed fuel or a bio-break anyways.

Chris and I did make a stop at the Harley Museum in Milwaukee.   What a great place to see the history of the company and the 400+ bikes from all the different years there.   Great stop!

The rented trailer at the Buffalo Chip was just the right size for 2 couples.   This one company that we rented from, had just under 500 campers rented, just at the Chip.   We estimated that the company grossed $1 million just in rented campers at the Chip.   The numbers got staggering as you looked around the campground and all you saw where campers everywhere.  Okay, time for a beer. haha!!

***Collages ***

collage 3collage 5collage 4collage 8


During the week we rode to the Badlands, Spearfish Canyon, Devils Tower, Deadwood, Mt Rushmore, Needles Highway, and more.   Putting on over a 1,000 miles on the bikes in a week.  The weather was 95% sunny and nice temps the whole week camping.   A few huge rain showers ( I mean raining buckets) at night.  We did catch a bit of hail/rain while in Wyoming but we out ran that that system in the opposite direction.   By the time we stopped for a beer at the Stonehouse Saloon, we where dry again.   Tami and I loved to hangout on the balcony of The Knuckle Saloon in downtown Sturgis to people/bike watch.

Stay Classy SturgisThe sights at Sturgis are nothing like the oldest motorcycle rally in Laconia, NH.   People dressed in crazy outfit, driving unique scoots, and a sea of denim jeans.  Then again, I’ve never seen so many bikers in one spot.   Streets are packed with people, bikes, tattoos, and body paint.   Even Tami got her chest painted and drove her motorcycle around town and back to the Chip getting a bunch of men and woman jumping in front of her to take her picture.  She even jumped on stage to do some dancing with a band that was playing at The Beaver Bar.

Almost every night we laid up the bikes so we could consume moonshine and beers at the camper.   We’d always head to the main stage at the Chip to see the multiple bands playing.  The Chip is known to have the best bands in Sturgis and this year’s 75th wasn’t any different.   All four of us even managed to zip-line across the crowd during a performance.

collage 2We’re glad we got to Full Throttle Saloon before it burnt to the ground.   I really liked the place with all the unique “props” throughout the establishment and having the option to drive your bike into the in-field.  Was a very cool place to hangout at.

Doing a comparison from Laconia to Sturgis…..   In Laconia the last weekend of the rally is when the crowds surge to the event… In Sturgis, it the first weekend…   just a weird and not what I was expecting when half the campground left on a Sat.  haha… anyways, Chris and I left on a Sat afternoon after dropping the girls off at the airport and we drove 36-hours straight to get home.

Our first time being at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and the 75th anniversary was not disappointing.   For now we say “see you later”  as we’ll be back for more fun in the future.   (JM)

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Sabbath Sunday…..

Manchester, NH (November 2014) – What is a “sabbath”?  The Webster’s Dictionary defines it as – a day of religious observance and abstinence from work, kept by Jews from Friday evening to Saturday evening, and by most Christians on Sunday.

drum shot for wordpress

That’s exactly what this was for me….  a day of drumming religion observed on Sunday.  LOL

Jim was invited to step-in (last minute) with a cover band for a song called “Mob Rules” by 70’s/80’s rockers, Black Sabbath.

Here’s a 120 sec video on the performance,

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Aren’t Fridays Supposed to Be Happy?

Oct 3rd, 2014 –  Well this past Friday was a sad/happy day for us.   Yep, we sold our Shasta 27ft “Class C” to a young family in that lives in New York.  It was a tough decision but we just didn’t use it this year. It did need to have a slight oil leak fixed, which I think was replacing the head gaskets.  The tires where on the border of 7 years old; which is a huge debate on the Internet, haha. And we kept paying to have it parked in storage.  Other than that, it was very solid motorhome for a 1987 with only 47k miles on it. SOLDJim put so much work into the interior of the cab.  When the couple and their kids came and got it last Friday, they couldn’t believe the work done to it or how the colors all match throughout the rig.  THEY LOVED IT!

Looking forward, we’ll be saving our money for another one.   I think we want to get a “Class A” bus this time.  Not sure if we want gas or diesel power plant, but something that can tow a car or our motorcycles.  Till then, we’ll just keep hunting for the right rig!  🙂  We’ll MISS you Mr. SHASTA!!!

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Badass Chopper

Want to feel BADASS?  This raked BigDog chopper is just the thing.   It houses a workhorse 117ci S&S motor paired to a Baker 6-speed Tranny that just screams for gas.  Pop the clutch and hang the hell on.  The back tire is a w-i-d-e 300mm piece of rubber that heats up and grips the road nicely.  The ride is comfortable based on the hidden air suspension, so not a rigid frame model.

Jim just loves this bike.  He placed his Harley Street Glide in storage (till fall) and is just enjoying the raw power and the loud pipes.  Something he’s wanted for a l-o-n-g time!  🙂

prt_128840510810599140_10203475105056550_191846073601562117_n2014-08-10 08.38.20

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